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Current Releases

The only currently released versions of the game are a very private alpha version that is used to test the play experience of our users and a developers version that I use to teach other developers how to create games with this system.

Neither of these versions are openly available to the public, but they are not extremely hard to get your hands on. We desire to move towards a direction where everything is open-source and customizable, so other developers can see how we did things.


If you contact us we can schedule a cloud-play session or discuss a few of the ways to create this type of game that everyone has been overlooking.


The first public alpha is coming very soon. Keep an eye out! ;)


Enter the apocalypse infected, but immune to a fatal rage virus. 


Navigate Chicago and Northwest Indiana as you fight to survive.

The first photo-realistic, fps video game with total control.


The  Tempest is in an early stage of development. It will be updated frequently.

As we make progress you will see the levels of control and content of the game drastically improve.

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